Other Board Issues
Why are Superintendent Gunner and the Board members so disliked, at least in the public forums?
Perkins Local Schools loses its “Excellent with Distinction” rating and has been downgraded to “effective”. Why? How and when did this happen?
What did superintendent Gunner means when he stated we will “no longer have our school district” if the August tax increase proposal does not pass? Further, what did he mean when he stated his job will be to “dismantle” the Perkins School District if the...
I have spent time (almost 2 hours) speaking to Dr. Gunner, and getting to know him better. This was very generous of him, as I know time is precious to any of us. I'd like to get to know the board members and their philosophy/ideas better. I have...
Participation Fees, Athletics, Extra-curricular Activities
Instead of charging each athlete a participation fee of $730 for each individual sport that they participate in, why not charge each athlete the average cost of each sport that they participate in, which ranges from $373 to $1240?
At the elementaries, students who do not pay their fees are not given their report cards. Are there further repercussions for secondary students? I've heard of schools with-holding extra curricular activities until general school fees are paid (...
How do Perkins Schools athletic results compare to other districts locally? Statewide?
Will students on free or reduced lunch program have to pay the participation fees?
If the levy does not pass… If I have already paid in full for a sport (catalog ordered equipment, etc… by coach) will I get a refund if we cannot afford the fee/payments and have to drop out?
Regarding the pay to play fee - same for all sports - I know it was stated that it would be "easier" to administer with the same fee for all but I feel that it could be easily administered with different amounts for different sports. A good...
My children will participate in the fall sports if the fee is reduced if the levy passes, but not for $730 if it does not. I feel I’m in limbo since first sports match is August 6th, the same day as the levy vote.
I would like to know why some coaches get a full salary for coaching the boys team and a full salary for coaching the girls team while both girls and boys practice and compete together?
Why did we build a new stadium if we have all of these financial issues? Where did the money come from to build the stadium?
How much to athletic ticket sales generate? Could the athletic ticket sales money be used to offset the high cost of the Participation Fees?
I noticed in one of your responses you provided a chart that showed a total cost of athletics of $454,043. You then divided this by 622 students to arrive at a pay to participate fee of $730. Why did you not take into consideration the revenues...
At what point of potential enrollment decline does the district actually begin to lose money from charging this substantial fee?
Could the athletic ticket sales money be used to offset the high cost of the Participation Fees?
How, specifically, was the $730 calculated.
Lengthy question…So Basically just looking for some numbers to back up the high cost of the pay to participate fees?
Where will the funds come from if enough students don’t play sports to cover the costs of the A.D. and coaching staff?
Will the participation fee apply to the students in band? Will these fees apply to students currently attending Briar?
How are funds used from ticket sales of sporting events spent? Can these funds be used to pay coaches and AD?
How many assistant football coaches are there for football and how many are paid?
If the levy doesn’t pass the athletic fee will be $730. In many other school districts the assistant principal also does the job of the Athletic Director. Has the same scenario been considered at Perkins to reduce the activity fee to maintain...
In the chart shown regarding how the $730 per sport fee was calculated, “Athletic Department Costs” is listed as $138,524.01. Does this column represent the expense items that the AD has stated in a different answer that are covered mostly by ticket...
Why is it the Athletic Department has no reductions at all? How many assistant coaches does the football, basketball and baseball teams really need?
Please clarify – If the levy passes, what will the ‘pay-to-play’ fee end up being for high school sports?
Why did you decide not to put a cap on the total paid for multiple sports played?
Why was there no discussion about any coaching positions cut or reduced?
If the levy fails, what sport will cost $730 per player?
How many years will parents be required to pay the full pay to play if the levy does not pass?
How is the $409,000 that Perkins is expecting to get from the state going to affect the pay to play fees?
If the levy passes will you still implement the full pay to play? Will it be decreased at all?
What happens if a student quits during the season or a parent doesn’t feel their child is getting enough playing time and pulls student out of a sport?
Are you afraid of losing valuable athletes because a parent cannot afford the $730 per sport?
If you pay the $730 for your child to play a sport, what happens if they sit the bench more than they play?
General Financial / Homeowner Impact Questions
What do Perkins Township Residents pay (millage rates) compared to other districts in our area and statewide?
What is the total dollar amount being spent on the levy? Please include all paid consultants salaries, monies to cover the ballot, communications director salary, etc…
If the levy passes on August 6th will Perkins still have the lowest school tax rate compared to all the schools in Erie County.
Define Financial Stability. Does the levy passing qualify as such?
Perkins Schools is projecting an increase of $1 - $1.4 million in revenues in FY13. How is it that Gunner and Board are alleging Perkins Schools are on the brink of financial disaster.
Define what the Board means by Financial Stability
True or False? The elimination of the Rollback Reduction begins in November 2013.
Will the Board wait until after the November Board election before starting school renovations or construction?
On June 18, you stated that the Board would meet in the next few weeks to determine what it meant by “financial stability”. The Board and Gunner have repeatedly stated publicly the building and facility plans are “on hold” until the district reaches “...
What are your specific plans if the tax increase fails?
Could the Board move the “inside millage” back and still be on for a smaller levy in August?
The posting keeps appearing that if the levy fails, property valuations will decrease. Here's the problem with that argument and can you address it? Many of the no votes will come from aged residents. They have their houses paid off, but being on...
Where has all our tax money gone? I live in a small development and my taxes have increased every year and Perkins Township has grown with new neighborhoods in Birchwood, Sandy Acres, Angels Path, and so on and I can guarantee their taxes are 3-4 times...
If there has been money already set aside “inside millage” why can’t that money be used for teachers, supplies, and so on instead of holding onto it for a dream school?
If the levy fails in August, is it possible for the BOE to simply levy the necessary millage, unvoted, as inside millage to cover the shortfalls projected? Does not state law permit this? Is that not the reason inside millage even exists, to cover...
What is inside millage?
There are negative public comments going around about a $3 million loan taken out from Citizens Bank to design and plan the new building. What are the facts behind this loan, if it exists?
All this talk about tax rates, I would like to see a comparison of the dollars the school districts receive based on the tax levies. I think Perkins has a higher tax base then some of the other school districts.
If the levy passes in August, when will the District start receiving the money?
Facility Renovation, Construction, Maintenance
It is stated that renovation costs are to high from the 2 companies that were hired well how come there is no monetary figure being released? Why not state how much it would cost to renovate these schools instead of building new?
I’ve heard from quite a few reliable people that Mr. Gunner said he will build the new school with or without the support of the community. I think that is wrong. If we vote YES, will some of the money be used for a new school behind our backs?
I am told Gunner and the Board have stated any new building projects are “on hold” until the District finances are stabilized. Is this true? What, specifically, does “finances stabilized” mean? It really means once this “operations” levy is passed,...
I have seen that many people are saying that they want more from Dr. Gunner. They would like him to publicly announce that the funds from the August levy will not be used for a new building.
What impact does this “operations” tax increase have on the plans for the new high school and junior high school facilities. I am aware Gunner and the Board already took out approximately $3,000,000 to design these new buildings. Will these buildings be...
I understand that when the current high school building was constructed, the Board at that time used foresight and had footers and side walls built so that at some future date – possibly now – a second story could be added to the building. Has that...
Why continue to push for a new school when the community, majority, does not support the current administration?
Are Tours available of any building, in particular the high school, as it was ranked the worst, to those who wish to see the building issues for themselves?
What exactly were the County Building Inspector’s findings?
Were the building inspections done performed by any firms/agencies not paid for by the district?
If the levy passes in August, will any of that money be used for new facilities or building renovations?
When the administrative staff was moved from the Bogart Road facility into the south end of the High School there was a need to remodel. I would like to know why this project did not go out to bid but instead was handed to an out of town contractor? Our...
Curriculum, Specialty Programs, Dual Enrollment
How do Perkins academic results compare to other districts locally? Statewide?
Does the District see a savings in textbook purchases or replacements due to the usage of the laptops, and if so, can anyone estimate the savings?
[What is the] Cost of [the] Apple Lease?
If the Levy fails will there be an increase in the general school fee? What about any additional cost for post-secondary classes?
What is the annual cash expense to the Perkins Schools (taxpayers) to provide junior high and high school students with their own, personal Apple laptop? How many teaching positions could be saved from eliminating the program of giving each student...
What is the actual annual cost of the laptop program/lease? Does the district receive any special funding or grant money that is designed specifically for this program? If so, how much?
If the levy passes, what will the cost be for the University of Findlay classes offered at the high school? Last year, they were $100 per class. I remember reading in May that the fee was going to $150 per class. Then I read the fee will be $300 per...
In my research it seems that one undergraduate credit hour at Firelands costs $192.25. The fee for in-house Findley College will be 300 dollars per semester. That amount is 600 dollars per class (3 credit hours). Which is more than 3 hours would cost at...
Will any of the proposed cuts affect the new proposed curriculum for the 2015 PHS class? Will the HS go forward with the academy plan…or will my daughter’s classes be modified in any way? Will the HS still offer the caliber of classes that currently...
How are the laptops justified? For instance, is there a criteria that says for this laptop program to continue, test scores must increase by x amount?
Is Perkins still a STEM school? If so, does it cost extra money to be a part of this program?
Open Enrollment
What is the cost to educate a Perkins student if there was no open enrollment?
A family member who lives in the city of Sandusky wants to place his kids in Perkins School open enrollment program. His relatives including his mother, father, grandmother, uncle and aunt residing in the Perkins School District are highly oppose to the...
Was there any analysis done to predict students leaving the district or other open enrollment districts in the area due to this significant pay-to-participate fee?
Alternative / Additional Proposals for Savings
Why does Briar School need two administrators? Meadowlawn School has almost the same amount of students and gets the job done with one. It would save the taxpayers $77,000 per year.
If the levy fails, why not send the kids to Sandusky High School? There is plenty of room, and fees for sports/clubs/bands would be eliminated. People would save a lot of money by closing PHS for a few years until funds are built back up.
Margaretta combined bussing for K-12 and staggered school start times by 15-20 minutes to save money. Why doesn’t Perkins consider that?
Mr. Gunner stated at the Board meeting that the school days at Furry (and I’m assuming Meadowlawn also) may be shortened to compensate for the teacher’s packed schedules. Will this result in the school year being extended? Don’t the kids have to be in...
Salaries / Cuts: Teachers / Administrators
If the levy passes, why should all of the teacher cuts be reinstated? If these cuts are possible, then the positions are not completely necessary.
Why don’t the teachers and administrators who do not live in the district take a pay cut to show their support?
The question asked to me by another parent at today’s meeting is: Why doesn’t Mr. Gunner take a pay cut?
If the August Levy passes will there be a pay raise for all in the Perkins School System?
Another negativity I have seen is about the fact that Gunner needs to resign. Would Dr. Gunner be willing to do this if this ensures a passage of a levy for Perkins?
Is the $100,000+ Director of Communications position eliminated beginning in the 2013-14 or 2014-15 school year?
A question was asked regarding the Director of Communications and the questioner indicated a $100k+ compensation for this position. Superintendent Gunner on this forum responded that the Director of Communications is compensated $65,000. However, after...
If you knew teachers were going to lose jobs, why wait so long for the levy?
Further, what is the exact purpose of this position and why is it necessary now. It seems Perkins Schools functioned just fine up until about 2 years ago without this position. If the position is not necessary, if the tax increase does not pass, why is...
Why are teachers being cut, and not administration?
How many teachers, counselors and administrators are double dipping? (Dahlmann, Gasteier, etc.?) Wouldn’t it save dollars for the district to hire new, young personnel who would be lower on the pay scale?
What are teachers cut but no coaching staff is reduced at all?
Can you provide me with the average starting salary for a teacher in the Perkins school system compared to other SBC schools, as well as Sandusky, Vermilion, and Danbury?
Can you compare the “average” salary for all teachers within a school system to those other schools?
Why don’t the teachers take a cut before laying off teachers?