Safe & Quality Schools

The Perkins Board of Education has significant concerns about deteriorating school facilities and the ability to keep our students safe while in our school buildings.  A report from an independent engineering firm, TTL associates indicates almost $2 million would be necessary to remove the existing environmental hazards (mostly asbestos) in Perkins High School alone.  Cast iron sanitary sewer pipes under the high facility are rotting out.  Electrical power is at its maximum and is actually run in rusting metal conduits across the back of the high school.  The high school has 42 entrance/exits that are impossible to keep secured and monitored to minimize the risk of an intruder in our buildings.  The high school foundations has settled in several areas causing the building to fall and separate in a variety of locations.  Overall the cost to renovate the high school has been estimated at $38 million dollars.


  1. Asbestos in our Schools
  2. Sanitary Sewer leakage
  3. Foundation problems
  4. Timeline History of Building Issue
  5. Electrical Outside Buildings, Lack of Power
  6. Lack of Air Conditioning
  7. Roof parapets crumbling
  8. Lack of design for technology
  9. 42 exits from building – unsafe, unmanageable
  10. Multiple Wood Ceilings
  11. Dead end corridors
  12. Others….