It is stated that renovation costs are to high from the 2 companies that were hired well how come there is no monetary figure being released? Why not state how much it would cost to renovate these schools instead of building new?

The district has released the renovation cost estimates from the Ohio School Facilities Commission report released in 2008.  These full reports have been on our website since January, 2009.  They are now located on the Levy Question & Answer site as well. Total renovation cost for each building according to this January 2009 report is:

School 2009 Estimated Cost
Perkins High School $24,575,756
Briar Middle School  $10,329,413
Meadowlawn Elementary $8,236,562
Furry Elementary $8,241,380

These cost estimates are now almost five years old.  These estimates do not include an upgrade or improvements to external parking, driveways, etc…

TGI, Inc. performed an analysis in December 2012 on Perkins High School for the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission as a result of our district request for Emergency Needs funding.  TGI, Inc. officials ranked Perkins High School as the building most in need of emergency repair at that time.  They did not provide a detailed cost estimate for renovation, but indicated the current condition of Perkins High School was beyond cost effectiveness to repair and strongly recommended the replacement of the facility.

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