I’ve heard from quite a few reliable people that Mr. Gunner said he will build the new school with or without the support of the community. I think that is wrong. If we vote YES, will some of the money be used for a new school behind our backs?

No.  This levy is an operational levy to support the day-to-day operations of the school district.  None of this money will be used for a new facility.

The Board of Education had previously set aside the “Inside Millage” for facility renovations and/or new construction.  They have announced numerous times they will not move forward with a major construction project unless the following criteria is met:

  1. They will wait until after the November election of new Board members.  Dr. Printy and Mr. Chapman are running for reelection.  Should the community feel strongly enough about reversing course on the facility issue, the Board election in November will give the community an opportunity to elect new board members who support this view.
  2. The financial forecast must show that no new operating levies will be needed for the next three years.
  3. The Board elected in November will reexamine the facility needs of the district and make a decision on how to move forward.


As far as any comments attributed to Mr. Gunner regarding the construction of a new facility, Mr. Gunner has stated the following repeatedly:


  1. First, the Board makes the decision on whether to move forward with construction of new facilities, not Mr. Gunner.  He can recommend, but does not have the authority to proceed without a formal Board resolution and public vote of the Board.
  2. He has repeatedly made the comment that the facilities in Perkins need to be addressed soon; the structural integrity, safety and health issues inherent in especially the high school cannot be ignored.
  3. He has never indicated he would build a facility with or without the support of the community.  While he believes strongly in the need for new facilities, the final decision is not his. Again, he does not have the authority to build a new facility, only the Board of Education has this authority.


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