21st Century Learning for our Students' Future

Students today are under increasing pressure to learn more and do more at a younger and younger age.  Perkins Schools focus on a STEM curriculum that entails extensive problem and project based learning opportunities for our students.  This hands-on approach to learning requires different spaces and the availability of technology in all of the variety of spaces where students and staff might be learning.  Unfortunately, our existing buildings are not conducive to the flexible multi-purpose spaces and technology needed for the future education of our kids.


  1. Current spaces not designed for technology usage
  2. Need for educational space designed for collaboration
  3. Signs of Slipping – AMO scores
  4. Team oriented space lacking
  5. Need for problem solving lab space…
  6. Current Success – Performance Index Score, Indicators Met, Apple Promise District, Laptop Program, etc…
  7. Photo Montage of Students, Activities, Sports, etc…
  8. Change in Perkins Population - % in Poverty, Economic Job Changes, % on Free/Reduced Lunch, % of Single Parent Homes, etc….