Fiscal Responsibility for Today and Tomorrow

The Perkins School District has consistently remained responsible with taxpayer funds. A few facts will demonstrate this claim: First, the cost per student to education children in Perkins is the lowest in the...

Safe & Quality Schools

The Perkins Board of Education has significant concerns about deteriorating school facilities and the ability to keep our students safe while in our school buildings. A report from an independent engineering firm, TTL associates...

21st Century Learning for our Students future

Students today are under increasing pressure to learn more and do more at a younger and younger age. Perkins Schools focus on a STEM curriculum that entails extensive problem and project based learning opportunities...

Superintendent Letter to Perkins Citizens

Perkins Community:

The Perkins School District levy is critical to providing ongoing quality education to the students of Perkins now and in the future.  This levy addresses both the day-to-day operational costs necessary to run the district as well as a solid plan to renovate and or build new facilities all at a modest cost.  Without the passage of this levy, additional reductions will make it more difficult for our students to have the education they need to be prepared for life in the 21st Century.

The Board and I recognize there is an active "No" voter campaign in the community.  But, what do they offer?  As I have listened to those who oppose the levy, they indicate three actions they would take:

1.         Fire me as superintendent

2.         Elect two new Board members to promote a change of direction

3.         Move the "Inside Millage" back to general operations.